Thunder thighs on the move! Ha, I always wanted to say that. And I can, since I have a firm pair of hips myself. You see, me and my thighs have not always been on a friendly basis. My thighs and belly, that is. And even though I was okay with them as a child, somewhere halfway my teens I started getting conscious about the way I look. I was wearing big clothes, and found myself losing and gaining weight many times. And today, I have clothes ranging from S to XXL in my wardrobe – and I love to wear all of it. Welcome to this body love project – written by an in-betweener girl.

But first, let me tell you once more about my buddy: food

Yes, my relationship with food can be quite complex. It used to be either ‘Danggg I love my lettuce with goji berries!’ or ‘For the love of God, hide that ice cream or face the consequences’. For a long time, I found it incredibly hard to find something that’s just in the middle. A place with no restriction, but a small dose of self control to keep things in order. But after ending a 4-week diet with a brand new binge, I came to a realization: dieting does not work for me. It’s simply using up all of my will power, leaving me anxious and frustrated. Something had to change, that much was obvious. Something had to change, but the ice cream would stay. Period.

Letting go of limiting beliefs

There is no shame in admitting it: I have never been very good at loving my body. And the truth is, many of us haven’t. But that does not stop me from trying to embrace myself a little more each and every day – and I would love to encourage you to do the same. Once thing is certain: embracing a new approach means letting go of old and limiting beliefs. I’m listing a few here, just to illustrate the thoughts that are holding me back most of the time:

I need to lose weight before i can be happy

Oh, how limiting can this one be.. Before starting one of my diet fads, I would feel like ‘everything would be better’ after losing 10 to 20 pounds. I couldn’t be further from the truth. Life is still life after weight loss, and reaching your goal weight does not magically turn you into a happy person. Being happy equals being happy right NOW.

This new diet / challenge / cleanse will change my life

Darling (can I call you darling?) – trust me, it won’t. You are the one with the power to change your life. You don’t need to eat funny for 30 days to prove this to yourself. Been there, done that. Save yourself the effort and just eat normal and healthy every day. And don’t forget to indulge in the foods you really love (but don’t overdo it).

I can’t wear that, because [insert thought here]

Who said so? I used to avoid pants (I mean, I was basically not wearing them for 2 years) because they ‘made my hips look huge’. But who gives a damn. Now I wear jeans that make a swishy noise when I’m walking (swish, swish, thunder thighs on the move again!). And actually, I love how they look. My advice: buy clothes you love, put them on, be confident.

I slipped once, so i might as well eat unhealthy all day

This is one of my sensitive – and very weak – spots. As soon as I eat something that does not fit into my ‘healthy foods category’ (yep, it’s that bad) I feel like blowing everything and eating whatever I like for the rest of the day. And I seriously mean anything. Like ‘let’s run to the supermarket and binge on M&M’s anything’. Until this day I have not found a way to change my perception on this, but I feel like there must be a way.

Starting my first body love project

Entering my first body love project. At this point I feel slightly overwhelmed – I mean, how do you accept yourself completely at once? My perfectionist nature forces me to know everything before I start, but let’s be honest. One can only learn by trying. And sometimes that means failing, and trying again. I decided to make a list of things that I consider to be body positive, and how I will work on improving those things.

throwing the scale out of the window

Kind of. Let’s not be dramatic. Even though I have one of those fancy digital scales, I intend to let the dust settle on it. From experience I can say that my fluctuating weight is only making me unhappy. And no one needs that kind of negativity in their life. So goodbye scale, you are now officially dismissed.

eating healthy. for the sake of being healthy

And never, ever again for the sake of losing weight. Dieting puts a strain on my enjoyment in life, while eating healthy will make me feel more energized, positive and focused.

Going for a run. for the sake of liking it

And not because I need to work out. Not because I need to train for anything huge. Just for the enjoyment of being in nature and listing to my favorite music and podcasts. Actually, I would love some recommendations for interesting podcasts. I’m currently listening to Primal Potential – one of my faves when it comes to living healthy.

meditating every morning

I still need to build a routine for this. And since this blog is all about building habits, I volunteer to try and see how this works out for me. I’ll be on my cute little poof when you need me. Being all zen and enlightened. Hehe.

Smiling at myself in the mirror

Instead of being annoyed with my imperfections. I expect this to be a fairly hard one. You only notice how much you’re judging yourself when you’re (literally) faced with your own reflection. So, let’s quit frowning at our bellies and start smiling at it. Or winking. Or sticking your tongue out. Whichever you prefer.

Body love list

I love making lists (I know, I told you too many times). And a special occasion asks for a simple, yet comprehensive list. You can download it in my Free Resources Library, together with my anxiety tracker, daily self care planner and the procrastination workbook. If you access the library, you will automatically be the first to know when I add something new. Let’s be friends!

– Olga


24-year old productivity nerd. Or noob. Sometimes both. Incredibly interested in helping you reach your (daily) goals. Obsessed with cats, Tolkien, (minimalist) bullet journaling and self help books. Just wants to do everything perfectly – therefore infamous user of the #FAIL hashtag. Likes her coffee black and her tea strong. Put your goals where I can see them!

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