Whoosh! I don’t know if it’s just me, but January flew by so quickly! And with the first (awesome) month behind, it was time to grab my Bullet Journal again and create a brand spanking new monthly + lists. Since I started bullet journaling this always felt like the most exciting time of the month – if you are a bujo junkie yourself you will undoubtedly recognize this feeling. But even more exciting is showing my minimalist bullet journal monthly to you guys (lovingly referred to as Productivity Nerd Herd). So let’s go!

First of all: I’m a creature of habit. So this bullet journal monthly is not that much different from the one I created in January. Still, there are some slight changes that I’d like to share with you:

Bullet Journal Monthly February

Bullet Journal Monthly Calendar

Spread number one! I copied the monthly calendar from January, because it looks very neat and I like to have a quick glance at this month’s special dates. On this picture it’s not entirely complete yet, but here are some things that I like to add to my calendar:

  • Special dates like birthdays, my monthly anniversary with Peter and holidays
  • The phases of the moon (did you spot them already?)
  • Dates where I track ‘that time of the month’
  • A quick overview of week numbers

My personal goals

I like to make a monthly overview of my personal goals. I’m not obligated to reach them, but it’s  more like a daily reminder to keep working harder on myself. Your goals can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. These are my goals for February:

  • Implement a healthier routine during my work week (because I prefer the ‘easy way’ over cooking every day)
  • Read two books – a fairly simple one, but nonetheless a satisfying goal to reach
  • Prepare for my new job in March – because I found a new job (yay!) starting from the 1st of March

Bullet Journal Monthly February

Online statistics

Since I started this blog in January it is growing rapidly. A nice way to keep track of my progress is to have a monthly overview of my statistics and followers on social media. When the month is finished, I add the statistics from the entire month + the amount of followers and subscribers I gained that month. For example: in December I had 33 followers on Pinterest and right now I have 194. That’s +161 followers.

Gratitude Journal and affirmation

Just like last month, I’m keeping a daily Gratitude Journal. Every day I write a few words to think about everything I’m grateful for. It’s great way to appreciate this life’s journey and the wonderful people I keep finding on my path. Affirmations help me to stay positive and contribute to my gratefulness. This is my favorite affirmation for this month: I am worthy of love. And not only the love of others – but mostly the love of myself. I wrote a post about loving yourself and developing a daily self care routine a couple of weeks ago. You might like to check it out.

Bullet Journal Monthly February

Habits tracker and blog views tracker

Moving on to part two of my bullet journal monthly! Just like in January, I’m tracking my daily habits on my tracker page. I use different kinds of symbols to mix it up and make my list look cute! Every month I add and remove some habits that I’d like to try or that are not relevant anymore.

I also added a new list to my monthly: a blog views list for The Minimalist Mind! I got this idea from my friend and fellow blogger Angela – make sure to check out her blog: Finding Angela X. The idea is quite simple: each and every day I write down the amount of views and visitors. This way I can see the most popular days – and, for example, if I published a post that day or not. Below the list I track my weekly progress in social media followers (in my case Pinterest and Instagram) and email subscribers.

So there you have it! My bullet journal monthly for February! Did you already create your February monthly? Feel free to share a link in the comments.

–  Olga

Bullet Journal Monthly February


24-year old productivity nerd. Or noob. Sometimes both. Incredibly interested in helping you reach your (daily) goals. Obsessed with cats, Tolkien, (minimalist) bullet journaling and self help books. Just wants to do everything perfectly – therefore infamous user of the #FAIL hashtag. Likes her coffee black and her tea strong. Put your goals where I can see them!


  1. Not only am I a bit jealous because of your BuJo skills.. (I’m a regular visitor of your lovely blog), I just bumped into -what I think was- another Blog of yours ! (NL) I have been dreaming about a BuJo(blog) of my own for quite a while, but I never had the guts to go ahead and just do it. Dus mijn complimenten, ‘t ziet er prachtig uit! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! There will be new content up next week, I took a short blogging break 🙂 and yes I also have a Dutch blog, though I stopped blogging there in november 🙂

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