When it comes to productivity, my minimalist bullet journal is a lifesaver. Because honestly, my mind tends to be all over the place. I can go from ‘Let’s prepare for this meeting..‘ to ‘What’s for dinner?!‘ or ‘Oooh, take note of this idea!‘ in a split second.  Add a lot of cat memes and Lord of the Rings quotes and you have a striking view of my random thought outbursts. About a month ago I discovered the wonderful system of Bullet Journaling.  And today I’m super excited to show you my minimalist bujo setup for 2017. Let’s go!

First page of the new year!

Before I forget: happy new year folks! I think it’s awesome that you found your way to The Minimalist Mind, great to have you here. Okay, let’s move on to my monthly. First of all I like to add an opening page for the new year. I started my minimalist bullet journal in December, so it’s not the ‘official’ beginning of the notebook – therefore my index and future log are not part of my January setup. Still, I wanted to start 2017 with a cute decoration. Nothing fancy – I like my bullet journal to be clean and simple.

Some ideas for your opening page:

  • Goodbye 2016, hello 2017! I’ve seen this one many times – and the fact that I was too lazy to add a ‘goodbye 2016’ page doesn’t mean you should not give it a go
  • Add an inspiring quote – and get creative with hand lettering
  • Print out one of your favorite pictures/illustrations and add it to your opening page

My minimalist bullet journal monthly

My monthly pages are probably the most fancy pages in my entire notebook. The setup is quite simple: I like to create a calendar on the left and some small trackers on the right. In the calendar I track holidays, the moon phases and other significant days. Yes, there is a small mistake in the calendar (hint: it’s got something to do with straight lines). But frankly, I don’t give a damn. Starting a bullet journal means embracing mistakes. Preferrably it has to be functional over being pretty. So diehard perfectionists, take note: ‘It’s okay to make mistakes.’ Right. I’m being ridiculous. Come along, my hobbits!

Since I got my dot grid Nuuna notebook I am completely obsessed with creating dotted borders. It’s super easy and fool proof: you really can’t go wrong if you just follow the dots. My favorite trackers are goals (I usually pick three monthly goals), budget (because I like to spend) and a gratitude journal. But of course you can go crazy (I know you want to) and add your own magic.

January tracker and year vision list

Trackers are awesome and scary at the same time. I love to be in control when it comes to daily habits – yet it terrifies me to have unreached goals for the day. My monthly tracker inspires me to take some extra steps or sleep, but I feel kind of crappy when I don’t reach my expectations. So, be careful with asking too much of yourself. Keep it fun and challenging!

Things that I track each day of the month

  • 10.000 steps a day
  • 8 hours of sleep each night (although 7 is also fine)
  • 10 minutes of meditation
  • 8 glasses of water
  • eating healthy (because I loooove sweets)
  • going to the gym
  • applying the Miracle Morning

Next to my tracker I keep my Year Vision List for 2017. It’s just a list of my 5 main goals for the year and some habits and skills I’d like to adopt. I find it increasingly motivating to have a reminder of the things that are important to me. At the end of this year I can (hopefully) say that I met all of my goals.

Weight loss journey + miracle morning

As I mentioned before: I love sweets. In fact, I love them so much that I gained quite a few pounds in the last couple of months. To make my healthy regimen more official – and to have something to look forward to – I decided to add a weight loss page to my minimalist bullet journal. Each time I drop a few pounds I will create a line border over the dotted border – just to keep things interesting (and because I don’t like to use color). I don’t necessarily add a deadline for my goal weight as I want to take this easy.

My Miracle Morning routine

Ever since I read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod I am super excited about getting up early. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always been a lark – but after reading this book I am like endboss level lark. The ultimate morning person. Ha, just kidding. But still: the morning is the most awesome moment of the day. It’s the time to actually get sh*t done. The Miracle Morning is a way to reach goals while the rest of the world is still sleeping. There’s something empowering to this thought, like I’m actually getting somewhere.

In my bullet journal I made a list of Hal Elrod’s S.A.V.E.R.S. (Silence, Affirmation, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing) and linked them to my own goals. Don’t worry though, I will write more about The Miracle Morning later on!

So there you have it. My minimalist bullet journal for January

I hope you enjoyed the show. Hope to see you back soon! Any suggestions for future bullet journal posts? Hit me up in the comments or contact me at olga@minimalist-mind.com.

– Olga

Minimalist Bullet Journal Monthly


24-year old productivity nerd. Or noob. Sometimes both. Incredibly interested in helping you reach your (daily) goals. Obsessed with cats, Tolkien, (minimalist) bullet journaling and self help books. Just wants to do everything perfectly – therefore infamous user of the #FAIL hashtag. Likes her coffee black and her tea strong. Put your goals where I can see them!


  1. This is very neat! I love your tracker setup. I usually set them in grids. Hope you don’t mind if I try your layout! I’ll give you a shoutout <3
    Enjoying your website!

  2. This post may have just pushed me in the bullet journal direction for 2017……..pretty awesome!

  3. Hello ! I love your bullet journal. I like the simplicity. (Sorry my english isn’t very good… I’m french ^^’)

  4. I don’t follow the traditional bullet journaling. yours actual looks more like what i do – minimalist 🙂 wish i could pay a pix to share my cover page. Looking forward to reading more about miracle morNings!

  5. I have been bullet journaling since september…and on a diet since december..so i really love your weight tracker..it’s simple, clear and, more important, with small steps! I started from 85,5 and my goal is 70 too..and i’m grateful that i have my bujo: i can stay focused on my goal and see every little improvements….we can do it!!

  6. exactly what I am looking for! detailed, neat and not overwhelming bujo! thank you for the inspiration! What notebook are you using?

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