Hello again my friends! It’s been two weeks since I posted here. Even though it’s not what I intended, I really needed this short blogging break. Relaxing always clears my mind and makes some space for potential creative outbursts. So here I am again, with a bujo post. This week I would love (love LOVE) to show you my professional bullet journal for work!

As you might know by now, I literally take any excuse to buy a new journal. And, as I’d like to keep separate professional and personal journals, I started an online hunt for my new notebook. It didn’t take long until I found this cute and colorful Nuuna journal. With dot grid. In friggin’ turquoise. Let’s just say my hand ‘dropped’ on the keyboard and ‘accidentally’ made the purchase. Ahem.

How To Create a Professional Bullet Journal for Work

I mean, isn’t she gorgeous? The notebook is part of the Nuuna Dipped series (you can also get it in turquoise/white and turquoise/black) and the turquoise part is made from recycled jeans labels. You can’t really see it, but it definitely feels like a high quality product. Enough about the notebook though. Let’s get to the interesting part: my collections!

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How To Create a Professional Bullet Journal for Work

Professional bullet journal: monthly projects

To be honest, my professional bullet journal setup is kind of basic – and still a work in progress. But one of the most important pages is this monthly list for my projects. I intend for it to be like an index, where every new project is assigned a new page in the notebook with status, tasks and people on the project.

This is especially helpful if you work for an agency (like me) and you tend to have lots of different projects. In the past I had some trouble working on so many different tasks, but with this approach I hope to manage it with a huge dose of sassiness. And a dose of geek, obviously.

How To Create a Professional Bullet Journal for Work


Moving on to my weekly task list (I know, it’s really kind of simple). I love writing down the current week number, for it provides me with insight about this year’s progress (oh my god, is it seriously week 9 already?!). During the week I collect all the tasks that do not belong to any project, or things I need to remember for future reference. Since some of this stuff is company related, I blurred it (sorry about that).

This approach works just like the weeklies in my personal bullet journal. Once a task is finished (or a note processed) I will cross it off the list. Added benefit: you can really keep track of your accomplishments within the company – which also contributes to your personal development.

Introducing: professional bullet journal series

Heck yes! Since I will be using my professional a lot while working my new job, I figured it would be interesting to write some more posts on this subject. At this point it feels like ‘trial and error’ – but I want to show you guys exactly which approach works and how I can work around it if it doesn’t. So stay tuned if you’d like to read more!

– Olga

How to Create a Professional Bullet Journal for Work


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