‘The more you love yourself, the less nonsense you will tolerate.’ Today I happened to stumble upon this meaningful quote. To me, a productive day starts with a nourished mind and body. So how do you rock the best version of yourself? Why, by starting a daily self care routine of course! Let me show you the basics in this short guide.

Stop, drop and roll!

Because your mind is probably on fire. Okay, forget about the dropping and rolling part – but try to calm your mind to evaluate your current routine. Would you describe your actions towards yourself as loving and constructive? Which habits are part of your day? Try not to label them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, simply think of their outcome on the longer run. Make a list of your current daily routine in your (bullet) journal or a file on your computer.

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Some suggestions for your list:

  • What's the first thing you do in the morning?
  • How would you describe your current diet?
  • Are you physically active during the day?
  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • How much time do you spend on daily self care?

Next: think of new habits for your self care routine

This is the exciting part! Think of the awesome habits that you keep reading (and pinning) about. Wouldn't it be great to apply them in your daily self care routine? Now is the time to set some serious goals, without restrictions or limitations. Try to silence your inner critic - you know, that pesky voice reminding you of your past failures. Boot it out of your mind and write down your awesome habit wishlist.

How to make your list even better:

  • Try to merge your current routine with your habit wishlist: how can you improve the habits that you already have?
  • Add some visuals to strengthen your new goals - or create a vision board on Pinterest!
  • Can you think of inspiring people that already follow your dream habit? Connect with them - or follow them on social media

So, how will you utilize your time?

There are 168 hours in a week. How will you make the most of those hours? It's TIME for a TIME schedule - heh, I know, I'm being cheesy again. Let's cut to the chase: grab your daily self care list and create a small time schedule per daily goal. You can divide your time in either hours or minutes - depending on what suits your personal schedule.

Let me demonstrate with some personal examples:

  • Meditation - 10 to 15 minutes
  • Affirmation and visualization - 5 minutes
  • Reading - 1 hour
  • Plan out food for the next day - 30 minutes
  • Relax with a cup of tea - 20 minutes
  • Yoga + flexing my muscles - 15 minutes

Finally: live your routine!

And visualize about the positive outcome of your habits - and I mean every single day. As you can see in my personal example above, I visualize about my dream goals at least 5 minutes a day. This short timeframe helps me to think more positively - and to take action towards my goals.

Try to write down some affirmations

And speak them either out loud or repeat them in your mind. These are some of my favorites:

  • It's just what I do (I actually stole this from Darren Rowse's podcast - which is awesome by the way!)
  • My body deserves to be nourished
  • I am capable of fulfilling my goals

Note: the affirmation is a lot more powerful if you create it yourself. So write it down - or even turn it into a nice visual. Hang it on your wall or set it as your wallpaper on your phone. Just keep reminding yourself of your desired future - and your mind will help you on the way.

Thanks for hanging in there!

You rock! And of course, I hope to see you back soon. Have anything to add to this list? Feel free to share it in the comments.

- Olga


24-year old productivity nerd. Or noob. Sometimes both. Incredibly interested in helping you reach your (daily) goals. Obsessed with cats, Tolkien, (minimalist) bullet journaling and self help books. Just wants to do everything perfectly – therefore infamous user of the #FAIL hashtag. Likes her coffee black and her tea strong. Put your goals where I can see them!


  1. I just added tea, meditation, and yoga to my self-care routine! Thanks so much for this inspiring post. I’ve made myself an iPhone note with the minimalist list of things I’d like to do each day. Thank you for helping me organize this! Cheers, Mary Jane

  2. Great suggestions and I’ve actually started writing down my routine at work, but I need to definitely do it for my personal life. I used to actually write down affirmations, I need to get back into it..

    Jade | budgetsandweights.com

  3. Great list!! I am a big planner so I always have a daily list of routines, but I really need to start meditating and stretching in the morning so that I can star the day off in a positive note. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your suggestions to slow down and start with what you are currently doing before making changes is great! I will have to implement some of these ideas when I evaluate my routine.

  5. I just redesigned my own routine (and blogged about it 😉 with an eye towards setting my day up for good mental and physical health. I love the idea of a vision board on Pinterest! I’m going to go do that right now! Loved your post!

  6. Christina Berger Reply

    This was a great read and if we implemented a routine for self care, we would end up making healthier habits

  7. Thank you Olga! I’m so happy I ran across this on Pinterest . All of these things jumbled up in my head and you have organized them for me so I can put them into action.

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