Did you find a new job? That’s awesome! Change is always exciting. Whether we’re about to move, go on a date or – in this case – start a new job: change makes us feel kind of jittery and out of control. So how do you prepare for your first day at work? Let me help you out with 5 simple things to do before starting your new job!

Get to know the organization

Of course you saw this one coming! One of the first things to do before starting your new job would be getting familiar with your future employer. Read into the history, best practices and developments so you can dive in quickly when your work begins. What will be your role in this organization? Can you already find opportunities to improve the company’s current strategy? Make sure you take note of them. Let me narrow it down on a list (yay, I love lists!):

  • Identify the mission and vision
  • Read into the history and latest developments
  • Write down the 3 biggest successes
  • Use your expertise to find areas for improvement
  • Search for social media channels and follow them

Having trouble finding the information? Don’t be afraid to ask your future boss or colleagues about it. Curiosity and eagerness make you stand out as an employee! This is also a great way to stay in touch before actually starting the job. In my case I got a job offer in December – and I will start working in March. Staying in touch is crucial for maintaining your positive and eager attitude.

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Improve your on the job knowledge

You landed the job. So now it’s time to improve your skills even more! Think of your responsibilities in your new job – what can you do in the next weeks or months to get better at them? Search for information about the most important topics, read some books or follow an online course – there’s a lot of knowledge available if you just search for it. You might find my personal tips to be useful:

  • Use Google and Pinterest to search for knowledge
  • Create a board on Pinterest to save useful articles and information – or save it somewhere on your computer
  • Make a list of books you want to read
  • Search YouTube for video instructions
  • Join groups on LinkedIn within your area of expertise

Improving your knowledge will not only make you a better employee, but it will give you the confidence you need to start your job the right way. Bonus: learning something new could be fun in general!

Familiarize yourself with the business tools

This one is actually part of improving your on the job knowledge, but for its importance I wanted to mention it separately. Does your job involve any (business) software that you’re not skilled in? Again, this would be a great time to ask your boss a few questions. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could check out the software before your first day at work? Yep, thought so. Access to the software will give you an indication of the difficulty level – and you might find some useful online information (or instruction videos) to help you out. Not to mention: this will save you a ridiculous amount of time in your first week at work! Who wouldn’t love that?

Buy a new journal!

Again, you could have seen this one coming. I will seriously take any excuse to talk about bullet journals and planners. And honestly guys, a new job is just begging for a new journal. I’m actually considering buying a new bullet journal mainly for my work activities. And, as I will be working at an advertising agency, a planner would really save my ass when things get busy. In the next couple of weeks you can expect posts about preparing a bullet journal for work! For now, these suggestions might do:

  • Make a weekly planner for your main activities – for example: block 2 hours for checking email, 1 hour for project A, 1 hour to browse for information, etc.
  • Create a ‘project page’ for each new project where you can add the project tasks and status
  • Work with weekly spreads to plan meetings and future tasks

If you have any suggestions, hit me up in the comments. Setting up this journal is still a work in progress!

Take some rest between jobs

There are many things to do before starting your new job – but taking some rest might just be the most important thing. Are you leaving your previous job? Try to plan a week between your old job and the new one. In my case it’s 5 days, which is just enough to relax and mentally prepare myself for my new job. Try not to plan too many things during these days – for it might fuel your stress and make you restless. Here are some activities that I am considering during my mini vacation:

  • Decluttering my home for a sense of a ‘new start’
  • Going for a massage and getting a haircut
  • Sleeping in every day
  • Watching an awful lot of movies
  • Preparing my work bullet journal!
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Anything to add to my list of things to do before starting your new job? Please let me know in the comments! I would also love to know about your new job, and your personal development! Oh, and if you liked this post – consider following me on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook!

– Olga

5 Things to do before starting your new job


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  1. This is great! I actually landed a new job but am waiting for a start date, I will definitely start doing these things in the meantime!

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