Do you ever sit down at your desk, only to find time is passing too quickly? Have you ever wondered when – and how – your office productivity was taken from you? Are you looking for simple ways to improve productivity at work? Look no further! As a start to my Young Professional series, I listed 6 simple ways to boost your office mana.

Before we get started, I would like to introduce you to a new concept I will be practicing at the minimalist mind: weekly themes! Every week will have its own theme, and every blog category (productivity, bullet journaling and personal development) will have a post matching this theme. This week I would like to get started with the Young Professional series. I hope you guys enjoy! So, let’s continue with our productivity boosting office habits:

1. Start your working day early

I know. You don’t feel like getting up any earlier than you have to. But trust me on this: being an early bird is one of the best things you can do to improve your productivity at work. Why? Well, first of all: early mornings at the office are usually quiet. Which means you have some time to concentrate on your most important tasks. The chances of being distracted are low, and afterwards you will feel like you did a ton of work already. So, do your boss a favor and set your alarm early tomorrow.

on your to do list

  • Make sure you [rad-hl]set your morning priorities[/rad-hl] the day before, so you can start immediately the day after
  • [rad-hl]Go to bed on time[/rad-hl] to get the most out of your sleep. We all know that sleep influences our ability to concentrate, so don’t try to cut back on it
  • [rad-hl]Set your alarm at fixed times[/rad-hl] every day, to make sure your body gets used to your early rhythm

6 ways to improve your productivity at work

2. Block moments to check your email

And stop checking your email all the time. Promise me! As it turns out, reading and replying to email is one of the most productivity draining activities you can think of. There is no way of getting around it, but there IS a way to make it more pleasant – and to boost your focus at the same time. I’m talking about specific moments where you answer your email. It could be one hour when you arrive, and another hour after lunch – or two hours at the end of the day. Whichever you prefer: make sure it becomes a part of your professional routine.

on your to do list

  • [rad-hl]Choose one or two moments[/rad-hl] to check and answer you email
  • [rad-hl]Block[/rad-hl] these hours in your organizer
  • Avoid answering email [rad-hl]outside of those moments[/rad-hl]


3. Set daily goals for productivity at work

Before you commit to your working activities, find some time to set three daily goals to improve your productivity at work. These goals can be as simple as you want them to be, as long as you strive to reach them. Your productivity will be more tangible if you have reached goals to show for it. Some of my personal examples are: finish documentation of Project A, plan a meeting with colleague B and read an article about topic C. Having (small) goals will also motivate your throughout the week!

On your to do list

  • Take your favorite notebook, your bullet journal or the task list in your inbox and [rad-hl]write down three goals[/rad-hl]
  • [rad-hl]Check up with your goals[/rad-hl] during the day, and see if you can reach or reschedule them
  • [rad-hl]Evaluate your goals[/rad-hl] at the end of each working week


4. Start a professional bullet journal

If you love being organized AND carrying your notebook around, you will love the approach of a bullet journal. I keep two of them, one for personal journaling and a professional bullet journal for work. Apart from productivity and personal development, this blog is dedicated to the bullet journal practice. I just love this practical way of taking notes, and how it challenges my creativity each and every week. So, I hope you are with me on this one!

on your to do list

5. reflect on your performance

Every once in a while it’s good to reflect on your performance at work. After all, you can only improve your productivity at work when you keep your long term goals in mind. This might also be a good moment to check in with your boss and your colleagues. How are you doing so far? Do you see any way to improve yourself at this point? If not, ask your colleagues for some feedback – you never know what insights it will grant you.

On your to do list

  • [rad-hl]Evaluate your tasks and reached goals[/rad-hl] in the previous weeks or months
  • [rad-hl]Plan a meeting[/rad-hl] with your boss or your colleagues
  • Reflect on your working performance and [rad-hl]set some new goals[/rad-hl] to improve yourself


6. Go for a walk during your break

Personally, I think this is one of the best ways to unwind from a busy day at work. Take 30 minutes to go for a brisk walk, and you will come back with a brand new look upon things. Walking takes you away from the office and clears your head. Added benefit: your body body will reward you with an energy boost because it loves physical activity! So skip the lunch table and take your colleagues for a stroll in the park tomorrow.

On your to do list

  • [rad-hl]Check some walking routes[/rad-hl] near your office. Are you working in a city? Take a walk around the block. Do you have a park nearby? Make use of it!
  • [rad-hl]Set a reminder[/rad-hl] in your phone to take a walk
  • Use your new energy to boost your productivity at work!

I hope this article has given you some new inspiration to work on your productivity at work! Have anything to add to this list? Hit me up in the comments!

– Olga


24-year old productivity nerd. Or noob. Sometimes both. Incredibly interested in helping you reach your (daily) goals. Obsessed with cats, Tolkien, (minimalist) bullet journaling and self help books. Just wants to do everything perfectly – therefore infamous user of the #FAIL hashtag. Likes her coffee black and her tea strong. Put your goals where I can see them!


  1. I love this! Will definitely be using your advice when I get a new job and in my blogging life :)! I love how you break everything down into small steps! Awesome 🙂

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